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    My Electricity Bills come
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    Business electricity consumption
    Annual kWh
    Business electricity consumption
    Q1 kWh/quarter
    Q2 kWh/quarter
    Q3 kWh/quarter
    Q4 kWh/quarter
    Business electricity consumption
    January kWh/month
    February kWh/month
    March kWh/month
    April kWh/month
    May kWh/month
    June kWh/month
    July kWh/month
    August kWh/month
    September kWh/month
    October kWh/month
    November kWh/month
    December kWh/month
    Green electricity purchased
    What percentage of your electricity consumption is from green power?
    How many kilowatt-hours is purchased each year?
    Solar electricity generated
    How many kilowatt-hours does it produce each year?
    What is the capacity of the (PV) system (peak Watts)?
    Electricity emissions Green electricity Solar electricty Total emissions
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    Business gas consumption
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    Business gas consumption
    Q1 per quarter
    Q2 per quarter
    Q3 per quarter
    Q4 per quarter
    Business gas consumption
    January per quarter
    February per quarter
    March per quarter
    April per quarter
    May per quarter
    June per quarter
    July per quarter
    August per quarter
    September per quarter
    October per quarter
    November per quarter
    December per quarter
  • Other Fuels

    Stationary energy includes only emissions from non-transport related activities
    Wood kg/annum
    Charcoal kg/annum
    Heating Oil Litres/annum
    Kerosene Litres/annum
    Diesel Litres/annum
    Biodiesel Litres/annum
    Wood Charcoal Heating Oil Kerosine Diesel Biodiesel

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