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Fixing our Country Demo Carbon Sink Announced

As part of the Aboriginal Carbon Farming program, Fixing Our Country, proposals were sought from participating Aboriginal groups for the establishment of a demonstration carbon sink on their country.

Proposals were assessed by Greening Australia, Canopy and the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. The assessment process involved experts in Ecological Systems, Natural Resource Management as well as Carbon policy and legislation under the provisions of the Carbon Farming Initiative.

We are pleased to announce the successful proposal was submitted by Point Pearce Aboriginal Corporation on the Yorke Peninsula.

A carbon sink is an area of land set aside and revegetated for the purpose of storing carbon.  The demonstration carbon sink offered under Fixing Our Country will be between ten and forty hectares, planted with a diverse range of native species.

Projects were assessed using the ACF Biodiversity Metric, a tool developed by Greening Australia and Canopy and approved by the Department for Climate Change & Energy Efficiency.

The Point Pearce Aboriginal Corporation will be funded to employ six workers for a period of six weeks over the course of the establishment of the carbon sink. Greening Australia staff will provide supervision and training to collect seed, assist with the growing of tubestock, undertake weed and feral animal control and plant out the sink.

To ensure the success of the Fixing Our Country demonstration carbon sink project, professional technical and planning assistance will be provided throughout.  Ongoing technical support will be available for twelve months after completion.

We look forward to a successful partnership with the Point Pearce Aboriginal Corporation as we work together to plant the biodiverse vegetation for the Fixing Our Country carbon sink.

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