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Biodiverse Carbon restoration

Three perspectives on video of Greening Australia in Tasmania’s Biodiverse Carbon projects.

Greening Australia – Biodiverse carbon restoration: A landholder and science perspective

Features Meadowbank Landowner Gerald Ellis and Restoration Ecologist Neil Davidson describing this visionary program that has planted 130,000 plants with the aim of storing carbon and improving the biodiversity outcomes for the state. This is an opportunity to plant something thats going be measured for the next century.
Supported by the Tasmanian Government, the Australian Research Council and the University of Tasmania.


Greening Australia – Biodiverse carbon restoration: Investor perspective

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, Stornoway and Octagon Australia explain why they support Greening Australia.

“We could tangibly see where our money is being spent. we can go have a look, we can see the trees growing, we can be part of the whole exercise.” “It was a fantastic opportunity for us to get involved in rebuilding an environment that wasn’t ideal any longer.”   “We are contributing to the environment through an organisation that we know will improve the environment and that’s what its all about.”


Greening Australia – Biodiverse carbon restoration: Planting contractor perspective

Forestry planting contractor Daniel Cawthorne explains the value of Biodiverse Carbon restoration plantings for the industry, creating local employment, generating farm income and improving the environment.


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