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Whole of Paddock Restoration (WOPR), ACT and WA


Over the next two years Greening Australia’s innovative ‘Whole of Paddock Rehabilitation’ (WOPR) program will restore 1,000 hectares across the Capital Region and in Southern WA.

Why Whole of Paddock Restoration (WOPR)

WOPR is an innovative approach to environmental restoration that incorporates production and conservation goals. Under the program, graziers volunteer a paddock of at least 10 hectares for restoration. Graziers receive the support of stewardship payments to offset some of the production loss.

About the project

Each paddock is rested from production for five years and locally native trees and shrubs are established by direct seeding.

Landholders sign up to a five year management agreement and after five years, the grazier can reintroduce stock to the paddock under a rotational grazing system.

What we’ve achieved

The first WOPR site was established by a landholder near Yass in 1994. Since then Greening Australia has established a further 22 sites with landholders, rehabilitating 493 hectares across south east NSW.

The key benefits of this scheme include:

  • Reintroduction of biodiversity into the locality of the plantings;
  • carbon dioxide capture; and
  • salinity and erosion control.

All of which can be achieved with little or no fencing costs.


  • Australian Government’s Biodiversity Fund
  • Bush Heritage Australia

Find out more about why farmers and landholders get involved with the WOPR program:

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With the support of the Australian Government’s Biodiversity Fund, Greening Australia and Bush Heritage Australia have partnered to deliver the restoration of 300 hectares of threatened Grassy Box Gum woodland on Scottsdale Reserve, 75km south of Canberra.


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