What Is Future Carbon?

Future Carbon

Greening Australia’s Future Carbon plantings produces lasting and positive environmental, social and economic benefits. We do this in partnership with individuals, business, government and communities across Australia.

Through donations made to Greening Australia, investment is made in the restoration and reforestation of degraded lands, using native vegetation.

Future Carbon means:

  • The restoration of whole, large-scale landscapes, which improves the land’s resilience to a changing climate
  • Native vegetation plantings that repair marginal agricultural and degraded lands across Australia
  • Opportunities for regional employment, such as through nursery providers, forestry workers and weed control contractors. Watch this video for an example of the value of Biodiverse Carbon restoration plantings for a forestry planting contractor.
  • A long-term commitment to the success of our projects
  • Carbon capture

Science and Integrity

Future Carbon focuses on Greening Australia’s 30 years of experience in the restoration and management of native vegetation and in working with regional communities.

Our work is science-led, as we continue to partner with the best research institutes in Australia.