Behind the scenes

Implementation Project Planning

At the planning stage of each project, we:

  • Select project locations from within Greening Australia’s portfolio of strategic landscape scale wildlife corridor projects
  • Do a detailed spatial planning and landscape assessment
  • Use the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation as a participatory community planning process that helps identify the most strategic locations for our sites
  • Assess the carbon capture potential of the site
  • Develop a land access strategy
  • Develop a revegetation strategy based on selecting regionally native species likely to adapt to rapid climate change and the most appropriate planting technique for the site

At the delivery stage of each project we will:

  • Prepare the site and infrastructure
  • Plant native trees, shrubs, and understorey vegetation
  • Conduct site maintenance – including weed removal, fire planning and fencing
  • Undertake carbon monitoring and reporting – to measure carbon capture
  • Undertake biodiversity monitoring – to measure improvements at a landscape scale in species, gene and ecosystem diversity, including long term research programs with our partners